:: james jean :: trembled blossoms ::

animación realizada por james lima, basada en dibujos de james jean para prada. música de -->cocorosie -->.

:: dir : james lima ::

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  1. ok, Im traveling from DC to Chicago and checking this site on my blackberry and its looking kinda unformatted so Im leaving a comment so I can come back and continue to view it tomorrow.

  2. hey, Im checking out your post and my mother is checking out the same post on the iphone…i guess you’re popular, haha

  3. hi, this is good stuff, Im happy I clicked on this article cuz i was looking for something like this since yesterday. thank you!!

  4. wow, im seriously feeling this post but i cant see your other posts. You might wanna make sure your site works in chrome cuz you know that browser is prone to errors sometimes.

  5. hey, I usually dont read these types of articles because I think the game is going sour but you make a good point so im gonna send a link to my email list thank you!

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