Live from Designmai


Fresh from the press. Estoy ahora en el “Designmai Festival en Berlin”. Hay cosas muy interesantes. He hecho un montón de fotos de proyectos y he hablado con compañias. Una de ellas YELLOW DESIGN, que tenia su exibición, es una empresa muy buena para hacer prácticas aquí en Berlin:
Kissing in Berlin. Clashing impressions: from high gloss to grime, from solitude to crowded, tranquillity meets noise all this and more is Berlin. We tour many different Berlin locations and, with the aid of GPS-based devices, document a large variety of routes in public space. Taken together, these itineraries converge in a network to visualise a range of aspects and socio-geographical features: love, sport, music and sex. The resulting diagrams are far more than purely informative in the same way that open space is far more than unused wasteland.

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